Our state of the art of dehydration complex is located at “Al Minya” city on a total area of 67 thousand square meters. Our site was chosen in a pristine environment amidst Egypt’s agricultural heartland and in proximity to the largest producers of high quality raw produce.
The complex and its operations were designed by Key International Experts in full compliance with International product and process standards and Good Manufacturing Practices.
Our annual production capacity is in the vicinity of 30 thousand metric tons of raw product delivering 2200 metric tons of dehydrated high quality products.
The industrial technology employed enables the company to achieve the highest levels of production efficiency and cost effectiveness enabling us to supply our products at Internationally competitive prices. The flexibility of our production lines enables us to meet the specifications required by our clients for various market preferences.
Our climate control warehouse allow us to storeĀ a considerable stock insuring our independence from harvest seasons and fast delivery of the required product quantity.